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Landscaping and Snow Removal Services in Guelph

Winter property maintenance is necessary for the safety of your clients and employees. Big Green Property Services will ensure that your customers have clear, safe access to your business. They will be assured of your focus on great customer service from the moment they set foot on your property!

Contact Big Green Property Services in Guelph, ON for parking lot and walkway snow clearing and removal services, ice melt applications.

Winter Services Include:

  • Snow clearing when accumulation exceeds 5 centimeters or 2 inches, when heavy blowing/drifting occur, and always upon request
  • Ice melt applications after completion of snow clearing (when necessary), when conditions are icy, and upon request

The areas which are to be cleared of snow and have ice melt materials laid down are:

  • Employee parking areas
  • Visitor parking areas
  • Major roadways and laneways
  • Facility entrances and exits
  • All walkways

Snow Clearing:

Snow clearing services are provided when the accumulation of snow exceeds 5cm or 2 inches; when heavy blowing and drifting occur; and always upon request.

Early AM Snow Clearing Before 7 AM:

Depending upon the time the snow starts and stops falling and the amount of snow that has accumulated by the time required to have the snow cleared, there will be a late night/early morning plough completed before 7 AM when possible, which will ensure:

  • All roadways are opened up
  • All parking spaces are cleared and accessible
  • Walkways, entrances and exits to the building have been shoveled

Return Ploughing

If weather conditions call for it, we will apply ice melt materials to your property to allow unrestricted access for pedestrians, employees and customers. If the City of Guelph, Hamilton or Ancaster snow clearing trucks have re-blocked the entrance or exit to your facility while clearing the streets, we will make a return visit the same day to clear the opening and keep your business accessible.

We will return to do a complete and thorough snow clearing and ice melt application on the property if snow accumulation occurred at an unreasonable time for our trucks to be on site ploughing (e.g. 12 noon). However, during severe storms we will frequent your site day and night to keep your business operational and allow customers access that is unrestricted by the weather.

When you hire Big Green Property Services you can expect your property to be completely cleared of snow prior to the time you open for business, unless of course weather conditions are such that this is impossible to accomplish (e.g. a severe storm starts an hour before opening time for that day).

On each visit we will clear all areas specified in your contract proposal, e.g. roadways, sidewalks, parking areas, loading docks, parking lot entrances and exits, and building entrances and exits.

Ice Melt Applications

If necessary, the application of ice melt is performed after each and every snow clearing service that we provide, using the most effective ice melt materials available and taking into consideration the weather conditions at the time of service.

Ice Melt Materials

The following are the proper guidelines and types of ice melt materials that should be used under specific weather conditions:

  • De-icing Salt –This ice melt material is used when temperatures are between 0 degrees Celsius & -14 degrees Celsius.
  • Pickled Sand –This material is made up of 2/3 sand and 1/3 salt, and offers the best results for temperatures below -14 degrees Celsius.

Conditions Determine the Type of Ice Melt Used

The materials we apply on your property for ice melting purposes will always be in accordance with the temperature recommendations posted on the Environment Canada website for Guelph.

Every attempt possible will be made to keep the entrances, exits, loading docks and laneways open and accessible during severe weather conditions. Good lines of communication will be important during such weather, therefore we can be contacted in the following ways:

Cell: 519-240-7236 (24hrs/day)

Business Phone: 519-827-0851 (24hrs/day)


Foreman “Carl”: 519-239-8491

Hamilton: 905-577-7470

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